Lambda Kappa Omega Sorority, Inc.
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Trail Blazers...
The young ladies will gain willful knowledge in running an event or service while having fun in the process. When she completes her exploration she will become a member of Kappa Gamma Omega Youth Sorority!

How can I sign my daughter up?
1. Contact any member of Lambda Kappa Omega
2. Attend a Meet and Greet.
3. Personal Invitations from members.
4. Contact us online.
Becoming a member requires dedication  from both the Parent and Child. During the initiation process the Girls meet weekly(Sunday's). 

What are the Minimum requirements?
1.Be at least 13 years of age
2. Be available Sunday Afternoon/evening.
3.Participate in functions during initiation
4. Pay all membership fees by required date
 Attend a Meet and Greet
 Apply for Membership
 Attend weekly meetings
These young ladies learn Leadership , Bonding and Socials Skills through work, play and entertainment. The girls run their own organization.  They are responsible for all functions and activities with little assistance from the members of Lambda Kappa Omega.