Lambda Kappa Omega Sorority, Inc.
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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 
Q: Are you a real Sorority?
A:Yes, Lambda Kappa Omega was incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania on December 5, 2007 as Kappa Gamma Omega and again on December 5, 2015 as Lambda Kappa Omega.

Q: Does a student pursuing an Associate's Degree qualify for membership in Lambda Kappa Omega,Sorority, Inc.?
A:Yes, For membership into the Sorority on the collegiate level, one must be matriculating at an accredited college or university, pursuing work leading to an initial associate degree or program certificate. You also have the option to join a local chapter in your state of residence.
Q: Who can join Lambda Kappa Omega?
A:Lambda Kappa Omega does not select members based on race, age, sexual orientation, degree or career level. All women interested in a sisterhood are encouraged to apply. Lambda Kappa Omega Sorority, Inc. is an equal opportunity organization. We are interested in women who understand our principles and mission values. 
Q: How old do I need to be to join?
A:Lambda Kappa Omega does not have an age limitations for persons interested in collegiate chapters. Women wishing to join our non-collegiate chapters must be at least 18 years of age.
Q: I am not African American, can I still join?
A:Yes of course, we encourage people of all ages and nationalities to join and enjoy our sisterhood.
Q: What makes Lambda Kappa Omega different from traditional sororities?
A:Lambda Kappa Omega was created as an organization to bond college graduates, skilled tradeswomen, 2-year college students and successful women. Although our founders hold different degree levels, we believe that all successful women should have the choice and opportunity to join a Greek letter organization. Through our membership intake, philanthropy, and community events, we share and embody social issues, regardless of degree level or economic status.
Q: Does Lambda Kappa Omega follow the “Traditional” membership process as most sororities?
A: Yes, Similar to other Greek-lettered organizations, we keep our membership intake and initiation rituals private Lambda Kappa Omega does have a membership process; however the values and mission of Lambda Kappa Omega were created to build and bond women. In no way will we degrade your character for “Letters”. We have a standard membership recruitment and intake process during which Interested Ladies learn the history and values of Lambda Kappa Omega. Interested Ladies will participate in activities designed to cultivate Sisterly bonds.
Q: Does Lambda Kappa Omega have any affiliation with any other organizations?
A:No, Lambda Kappa Omega does not have an affiliation with any other Greek organization. The founders of Lambda Kappa Omega attended an HBCU and were little sisters to a fraternal organization on campus. The founders and the organization have deep respect and love for the Divine Nine; without the lessons and knowledge from these organizations, we wouldn’t be who we are. However,Lambda Kappa Omega is its own organization. The Lambda Crystallites and Kappa Gamma Omega (our little sister organization) are constitutionally bound together with Lambda Kappa Omega.

Q: Is there a financial obligation to join and maintain active membership in Lambda Kappa Omega Sorority, Inc.
A: Yes, There is a financial obligation to join; it will be discussed with those ladies who have been accepted to partake in the membership process. There are also dues for active members after joining and these dues are voted on by the chapter board. Lambda Kappa Omega fees are about 50 % lower than traditional and other non-collegiate Greek sororities fees.
Q: What makes Lambda Kappa Omega different from Other Non-Collegiate Greek sororities?
A: Lambda Kappa Omega Sorority Incorporated was founded to unite and empower women during a time when local communities lacked this empowerment. Our founders encourage you to do research on all the non-collegiate Greek sororities. We are a sisterhood from age 7 and up. Through our mentoring program, general philanthropy and bond in sisterhood, we are individually unique together complete. It is important that you join a sorority that has a mission that aligns with your personal values. Lambda Kappa Omega seeks quality, not quantity.

Lambda Kappa Omega has its own original history spills, probate styles, intake process, and insignia. Our founders created all ORIGINAL  information.We did NOT take anything from the divine nine organizations or any other non-collegiate Greeks.  There are NEWLY formed non-collegiate Greek sororities that have taken from our, spills, probate styles, insignia but LAMBDA KAPPA OMEGA, are built on a SOLID GROUND.
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